What Baby Swing was Recalled

Do you know that at different times, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission asked some companies to recall their baby swings?

We will be delivering a comprehensive report on the baby swings that the agency recalled, as well as when the recall occurred.

Everyone knows the primary aim of a baby swing. It is to provide soothing and calming relief for a baby, but when it has a defect, it can become dangerous to use.

These defects are the reasons for recalling those baby swings.

Which Baby Swings did They Recall?

As we told you earlier, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled several models and brands of baby swings for various reasons. We are providing a list of the baby swings that the commission recalled.

We will also include the reason why the safety commission recalled each of them. You can find the list right below.

1. Hedstrom and Sears

In April 1988, the Hedstrom Corporation recalled the Hedstrom Wood Baby Swings. They did not only make a recall but also offered to replace them for customers.

The corporation recalled about 6,500 baby swings in that year. The offer was for the products that people purchased between April 1987 and December 1987.

2. Fisher-Price

In April 2002, Fisher-Price, of East Aurora, N.Y. recalled about 42,000 Smart Response Swing for infants in cooperation with the US Consumer Protection Safety Commission.The recall is an in-home inspection and repair method, and not for them to send the products back to the factory or manufacturer.

The belief is that the customers were misassembling the seats, thinking that they are secure while they are not. The reason for recalling the products was due to complaints of flipping forward, although no report of serious injuries.

But for safety and security purposes, the agency in charge of consumer protection believes it is wise to order a recall.

3. Baby Trend

In November 2002, Baby Trend recalled about 15,000 infant swings for repairs. The manufacturing company took up voluntary repair because they felt that the screw on the swing’s support arm may detach or loosen, and in turn, result in a fall hazard to children.

4. Multipro Baby Cradle N Swings

In January 2018, Multipro recalled about 1,000 units of their baby swing. This is because they did not meet the Federal Safety Standards for Bassinets and Cradles.

And they thought that such a development could constitute fall and entrapment hazards for infants.

Final Verdict

This is a comprehensive report on the infant swings that their manufacturers recalled, so we hope that the question “what baby swing was recalled?” is now put to rest?

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