How to Hang a Baby Swing on a Porch

You may have come across porches with baby swings hanging from the ceiling. It is now a common practice among young parents.

If you are wondering how it was possible to get it done, this article will show you exactly how to hang a baby swing on a porch.

Do you know that there are some health benefits associated with swing porch for babies? One of the benefits is fresh air. Having your baby swing on a porch enables him to enjoy the breath of fresh air.

Another advantage of swinging your baby on a porch is that it helps to improve blood circulation in the body.

Children find the swinging or swaying motion to be relaxing, and it therefore, helps them to develop sensory integration. This development is described as the “swing therapy.”

This form of occupational therapy is suitable for autistic children since it helps them to restore their sense of balance (vestibular system).

Are you still not thinking of buying a swing despite these benefits that your baby can enjoy when you convert it to a porch swing?

Why not join the list of caring and happy parents who provide soothing and calming reliefs for their babies through the use of swings?

How to Hang a Baby Swing on a Porch?

Hanging a baby swing on a porch should not pose a lot of problems for you. If you want your baby to enjoy all the health benefits of a swing porch, then you should follow the steps below.

1. Determine where you want to install the baby swing

The first thing to consider when planning to hang your baby swing on the porch is where to fix it. You should also consider a distance of about 3 feet from the wall to allow swinging motion.

Once you determine the exact location to install the baby swing, you can then go ahead with its installation process.

2. Locate the ceiling joist

On the porch, locate the ceiling joist. This is where you need to hang the baby swing. Hanging your baby swing to the joist will hold the swing firmly and securely, thereby supporting the weight of the infant. If the joist is not visible, you can make use of the beams.

However, that should be your last resort.

3. Measure the width of the swing

The next step is to measure the width of the swing. This will allow you to know the exact places to drill for the hanging of the swing. You can add a few inches when drilling so that the swing will be free when swaying.

This initiative also prevents the swing from twisting. About 2 to 4 inches should be okay.

4. Drill the holes on the ceiling joist

You can start drilling the pilot holes. You already have an idea of how wide you want the baby swing to be. The exact locations to drill should not be a problem.

Try to drill small holes so that you can fix eye bolts in them. If the holes are too wide, you may be unable to screw the eye bolts in firmly.

5. Put the eye bolts in the holes

When you are through with holes drilling, the next thing is to put the eye bolts in them and ensure that you screw the bolts securely and tightly.

At this stage, you are as good as done with the task. When you secure the eye bolts firmly, this will prevent the swing from falling off anytime your baby is using it.

6. Hang the baby swing on the from the eye bolts

This is the last stage of the work. And it is where you hang or suspend your baby swing from the eye bolts. While doing that, make sure that the length of the ropes or chains on both sides is even to provide a balance for the baby.

You can hang your baby swing about 4 feet above the ground. You should equally ensure that it is at a convenient or comfortable level for an adult to push easily.

7. Test the swing

It is very important to test the swing before putting your baby in it. If you know your baby’s weight, you can place an object of about the same weight. Swing it continuously for some minutes, then stop. You can try again after a few hours.

If nothing happens to the swing, it means that you did an excellent job. You can start using it for your baby. Do not leave your baby in a swing under any circumstance without watching or monitoring him.

8. Engage the services of a professional

If you think that the steps discussed are challenging or too technical for you, then you may consider hiring a professional. Bear in mind that your baby’s safety is your paramount concern. It is advisable that you do it by yourself to save money.

If you follow these steps, you will realize that it is not so difficult to accomplish. You can also follow the procedure for porch swings, which is another advantage of learning the steps.

Final Verdict

From the steps we gave on how to hang a baby swing on a porch, you should be able to install one with little support and assistance.

All you need is just a hanging kit or hanging hardware. This kit covers a rope or chain, eye bolts, hooks, et al.

If you have a baby swing, maybe you should consider hanging it on your porch.

If you do not have one, you can visit the Amazon e-commerce platform to find a good and top-quality swing for your baby. You can also get baby swings for porch there.

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