How to Assemble a Fisher Price Baby Swing

Fisher Price has different types of baby swings. If you can fix any swing from that company, you should find it easy to set up other kinds of Fisher Price Baby Swings.

We will be bringing you the step-by-step methods on how to assemble a Fisher Price Baby Swing.

How to Fix the Infant Swing from Fisher Price?

These are the necessary steps that you need to take to assemble the infant swing.

1. Read the manual

The first step to operating any device is to study the manual or user guide first. This applies to the baby swing too. Instructions and directions on how to assemble the swing are provided in the manual.

2. Other Steps to follow

If you do not understand the explanation in the user guide, you can follow these steps.

3. Fix the legs and the feet

Set the legs first. Use screws to tighten the feet to each of the lower legs. You will need a Philips screwdriver to tighten the screws. Next, fit the dome to the mobile or into the slots in the motorized frame.

4. Tighten the legs with bolts

Tighten the upper legs and lower legs with bolts. The bolts come with the box. You need the M5 x 35mm bolts for this.

5. Fix the power cord on the retainer on the lower leg

After assembling the legs, fix the power cord on the retainer. You will find the retainer on one of the lower legs.

6. Connect the power cord

Connect the power cord through the motorized frame assembly. Fix the side rails with screws and tighten them with your Philips screwdriver or any similar screwdriver.

7. Insert the waist belts

You can insert the waist belts now. Ensure that none of the belts or straps is twisted. Now fold the top padding down.

8. Fix the pad edges

Fix the pad edges around the rim of the seat then hook the elastic loops at the top and bottom of the seat.

9. Put your canopy stay on each side

Fix your canopy stay on each side of the seat. Attach the strings on each mobile toy. There is a slot in each mobile hanger for this purpose. Fit the toy up in each hanger. Check to confirm if the toy hanger is secure.

To confirm, you can pull each toy down. Anyone that falls from the mobile hanger is not secure. So, you have to re-fit the hanger or re-attach the string.

Final Verdict

We gave you the above steps for you to learn how to assemble a Fisher Price baby swing. If you follow them strictly, you will be fixing Fisher-Price baby swings in no time.

So, how can you get a good Fisher-Price baby swing?

We recommend buying your baby swing from Amazon. You can get any top-quality baby swing from that online store. Prices of products on that platform are also fantastic.