Published: Apr 8, 2016 @ 12:45 pm

Graco Baby Swing Review: Graco Sweetpeace Baby Swing

The right baby swing can be such a life saver for busy parents with a fussy newborn baby. But since not all babies prefer the swing, buying one could be quite risky. That said, just like any piece of baby gear, you need to get the best for your baby.

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Graco Sweetpeace Baby Swing Review

The Graco Sweetpeace is a swing that combines womb like motions and sounds. Although it’s not a small item, it certainly performs its soothing role exceptionally well, and you will really benefit from it if you are a new parent with a fussy baby, twins, or even when you’re just need of hands-free time.

Graco Baby SwingThe Graco Sweetpeace is made with the idea that after the baby feels constant movement and constant sounds while in the womb of the mother, he/she will respond well to slow linear and rhythmic movements even after birth. It is essentially an elevated swing that offers different motions, and can be used from birth until the baby is 9kgs (6 to 9 months). It offers you a wide selection of low frequency rhythmic sounds, as well as an option to plug in your mp3 player. Graco advices you to plug in and play the kind of music you listened to while you were pregnant.

The swing comes with 2 vibration speeds, 6 speeds, and 3 recline positions. A swaddle blanket is also include, with a 5 point harness that keeps your baby safe. There’s also a canopy that helps you block out visual stimulation or too much light. Graco even mentions that when the canopy is pulled right down, it can recreate the glow that the baby would see during the final weeks before birth.

Besides being a swing, the Graco baby swing seat can be removed to serve as a rocker on the floor. Some Graco infant car seats can be attached to the frame. Moreover, as the baby grows, the included  tray with a teether, mirror toy, and mix n move caps could be useful. The height of the swing means that the baby is sitting as part of the family, instead of sitting much lower than you.


As it clearly shows, this Graco baby swing has had a lot of research put in on it, and the whole product is just incredible. It surely sets itself apart above the rest of the competition especially with the rocking motion, swaddling, and the sound recreation. All the features seem well thought out and combine well to create such a soothing experience.

The ability to clip it onto the frame of a Graco infant carrier and swing your baby in their seat from the car is a great plus. However, you need to have a purchased a Graco car seat separately to use the Sweetpeace like this. In addition, this may not be an option if you are on a tight budget, and you only get one colorway. It’s fairly large size could be a turn off to some mothers, but keep in mind it has to be this way for it to swing well and hold on a car seat.