Published: Apr 8, 2016 @ 12:44 pm

Four Major Benefits Of Having A Fisher Price Baby Swing: You Just Can’t Do Without One!

While having a new baby may be the most joyous time of your life, it can also be the most hectic. That’s why when something works in your favor, you simply have to have it. Such is the case with a great baby swing. Here are four major benefits (and there are others) to having a Fisher Price swing in the house for your baby:

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1. A Fisher Price Baby Swing Is A Safe Place For Your Baby

Most especially as a new parent, you always need to know your baby is safe, no matter what you’re doing. With a Fisher Price baby swing, that’s a given. From the structural integrity of the device to the straps that secure your baby in snugly, there’s nothing to worry about. Since 1930 when Herman Fisher first conceptualized the idea behind what is now the Fisher Price Company, protecting children has been the number one priority. Fortunately for parents and kids alike, the company also incorporates a number of other elements in the design and function of their products, like fun, freedom and learning.

2. The Swing Allows You Some Much Needed Shuteye

New parents are often deprived of sleep, which isn’t beneficial to anyone, but can’t really be avoided. From midnight diaper changes to two o’clock feedings, what’s an exhausted mom or dad to do? Having a Fisher Price swing around allows you to place your baby close to you, such as next to the sofa, while you catch a few Z’s. Your baby is always within reach and will more likely remain calm with you in sight, but will also be kept occupied by the swings amusing attachments, or lulled into a nap by the gentle swaying and rocking. As a new parent, any sleep you can catch is miraculous; thus, having the swing on hand can mean the difference between being highly functional and alert or bleary-eyed and groggy. Which would you prefer?

3. You Can Get Things Done Around The House

Since a solid, entertaining swing can keep your baby comforted for long periods at a time, you can also use the opportunity to catch up on your laundry, dishes and floor sweeping. While housework may not be your main priority with a newborn, it has to be done eventually and taking care of it will ease the level of stress you’re under, not to mention making it more apropos to invite friends and family over to gawk at your new little one! Set your baby up in the swing and you’re ready to take on anything you have the energy for, be it mopping the floors or partaking of the yoga you haven’t been able to get enough of lately.

4. The Fisher Price Baby Swing Can Be A Place Of Learning

Many models are equipped with interesting and entertaining attachments, such as animal mobiles your child can watch and reach for. From birth through the first few years of life, your baby’s brain forms new neural connections at an astonishing rate and this process is assisted by any kind of positive stimuli. What’s happening is the laying of an educational foundation as the baby learns to identify shapes and distinguish colors – all while you’re grabbing a quick nap or catching up with the dishwasher!

Give yourself more time to enjoy the little things in life while your baby is new, as this time will fly by before you know it. Considering all the benefits of a great baby swing, you know you just can’t do without one from Fisher Price!