Baby Swing vs Rocker

One of the most common questions in the conversation between a buyer and a seller is ‘what is the difference between the two? this is even more common when the products seem similar in some way or are appearing to be serving the same purpose.

Baby rocker somewhat resembles an adults rocking chair. It has two considerably curled bands at the extremity that allow you to thrust the chair in a sweep motion. This can simply be done with your hand or with your toe.

A baby swing on the other hand is more of a baby seat that is powered to move forward and backwards or even sideways in an attempt to sooth the baby.

Things To Know:

  • The baby swing, baby bouncers and even the baby rocker mimic the motion of the baby lying on the arms or stomach of the mother. With these tools, you will definitely have some free time to carry out other important tasks.
  • The work of these seats basically is to calm down the baby as you prepare dinner, change your clothes or even answering phone calls.
  • It is actually the rocking motion that will calm your baby down and even make her or him asleep.
  • Baby swings are basically powered seats which offer comfort to the baby by simply imitating a cadenced motion which was experienced while in the womb.
  • The rockers are also seats known to be the perfect place where you can put your little one as you do other tasks. They swing back and forth in a smooth way letting your baby to lie comfortably back and rest.

Differences Between a Baby Swing and a Rocker:


Baby swings occupy more space than rocker. A rocker tends to be compact and lightweight which allows you to carry it along without strain. Considering their compact size, rockers also occupy small space and are easy to carry.

On the other hand, a baby swing, in as much as it may be light weight, they tend to be large and cannot be folded flat. This implies that they occupy more space which in turn compromises its portability.

Weight limit

Generally, baby swings stand more weight than rockers. They are more strong and can carry a lot of weight than rockers. This implies that a baby that is gaining weight fast will benefit more from a baby swing than a rocker.

Where there are two babies, swings are more appropriate as there are some that are specially designed for two kids. It is mostly preferred by mothers who have twins or kids whose age range is not that big.

In this aspect, the manufactures instructions must be strictly followed since overloading these products will adversely affect their service. You are advised to follow manufacturer guidelines strictly.


Baby swings cost more than rockers. This means that a baby swing with average features will cost more than a rocker of average parameters as well.

However, this does not mean that you cannot find a baby swing costing the same as a rocker and vice versa. This is due to more or less features and unique feature as well.


The main function of a rocker is a nap for the little one. This is because it bounces back and forth when the little one is Laing on it which makes it very relaxing.

In fact, research has it that the movement tends to remind babies of their motion when they were in the womb as it resembles it.

On the other hand, a baby swing is used mainly to entertain and sooth a baby who is in most cases not asleep.

It moves forward and backwards and sideways which really fascinates the baby. However, a swing is a bit uncomfortable for a baby to sleep on but it is a very excellent soother.


When purchasing either a baby swing or a baby rocker, it is very important that you consider the size of your baby.

Baby swings suit most children as long as they are in the appropriate age bracket. They also stand babies with weight that is above average.

On the other hand, in as much as rockers are designed for specific age bracket, they tend to be outgrown with time.

While a baby swing can be used by a baby of up to 9 months, a rocker is mostly used for babies of up to 6 months.


Most rockers do not require power to operate. They move back and forth when the baby moves on when it is nudged with the hand.

Conversely, baby swings require power either from batteries or electricity. This implies that the batteries have to be replaced from time to time.

In fact, once the batteries are drained, the baby swing tends to have uncoordinated unpredictable motion and faded tunes which is very uncomfortable for the baby.


This is a very key feature that must be strongly considered. As earlier mentioned, a baby swing uses batteries or electricity. The motor causes noise in most models which may be disturbing for the little one.

A rocker does not however require batteries to run. It is therefore very quiet which is actually a plus.

Final Verdict

Purchasing a baby swing when you should have purchased a rocker and vice versa is very frustrating. This is why understanding the difference between the two is so important. In point of fact, it will enable you to purchase the one that suits you most.

Baby swings and rocker are two very different things. There are also so many varieties of them in market today which makes deciding on which one to buy a challenge.

However, with the above information, you are able to purchase the one that is convenient for you as you will be able to consider different factors.