Baby Swing Indoor and Outdoor

Cradling the baby all the time in your arms is practically impossible. Swings are therefore becoming very popular among parents as they mimic movement of a mother when rocking a baby to sleep.

They have this magical effect that keeps your baby calm making it easy for you to carry out other necessary duties. However, it is very vital to have your baby near you. Swings that can be used both indoors and outdoors are therefore more convenient.

Some of them more especially indoor swings have a compact design and supports the Bluetooth control with the help of the smart device. The smart device controls the motions and sounds automatically on and off depending on the settings.

They also have MP3 plug in settings that provides a more choice of songs for your infants. In addition to their excellent performance, they have different colors with modern designs and appealing appearances. Their seats can also be adjusted into recline positions.

Indoor Swings

Indoor swings mostly have compact shape and occupies smaller space compared to the full size baby swings. They have plug in operations that help save money in buying batteries.

Majority of them have five unique motions that include car ride, tree swing, and rock bye and wave. They have soothing methods that makes the baby feel like she/he is lying in the arms of the mother.

They are mostly recommended where there is a high ceiling and at least a large floor space. However, it is all based on how well you organize your house to accommodate the swing.

It is also quite important to choose one that will fit the design and color of your house. Installing an indoor swing calls for one to be very careful, however, there is no need to worry as the below steps will guide you through the process.

How to Install Indoor Swings?

1. Choose a suitable location

When selecting where to situate your swing, it is important to ensure that there is a space large enough not only to accommodate the swing but also for it to navigate.

A minimum of three feet should be left behind the swing. Also it should not be too close to the wall. Ensure you leave at least 15 inches on both side. It is essential as it prevents your kid from hitting the wall.

2. Identify a joist on the ceiling

This is probably the most important step. Indoor swings could be very dangerous if not installed in the right spot. Most ceiling are only suspended for decorative purposes and not meant to carry any load.

If you can’t find a firm spot to mount your swing, it is advisable to use a mounting plate. You can also consider adding extra support to your swing by crossing several boards.

3. Hanging the swing

In this step, simply drill a hole in the spot identified and Screw in your eye bolts. It is important to ensure the ropes are firm enough. Once you hang the swing, you can test it with your body weight to ensure everything is secure for your baby.

Outdoor Swings

Summer is not complete without a swing hanging on a tree in the back yard. Outdoor swings give your kids a chance to explore the environment, increase flexibility and also gain self-confidence.

Just like indoor swings, installing them require keen examination of where you are hanging them .Moreover, outdoor swings should not be left out in the rain  or snow. This will affect their durability.

Also when selecting the place, it is important to choose the place that is completely cool where your baby will relax and enjoy the cool breeze of nurture. Under a tree might be the best place. It is the most used place.

How to Install an Outdoor Swing?

1. Choose the tree and the branch

Simply select a vertical branch which is vertical to the ground. It should have a diameter large enough to support the swing. Most importantly, do not use a dead branch. This might be dangerous to the safety of your child as the branch might break and fall

2. Drill a hole on the branch

After selecting the most suitable branch, drill a hole vertically and insert the eye bolt shank. Make sure you fasten it enough to support the swing.  If it is a rectangular swing, drill the second hole and repeat the process

3. Hang the swing

This is the last step in this process. It involves inserting s-hook in the eye bolt and consequently tying the rope that suspends the swing. You can also use a metal chain instead of a rope.

Alternatively, you can simply tie the rope around the branch of the tree. It is however important to use rubber tubing so as not to damage the bark of the tree

Regardless of the swing you prefer, the most important thing is to ensure the swing is safe enough. This can be achieved by testing the maximum weight it can hold before putting your baby in.

Also it is vital to ensure that where you have suspended your swing from it is firm enough to avoid accidents that could be easily avoided

It is also important to note that swings can also be customized to suit your needs. You can therefore get a padded one which offer utmost comfort and offer required support for your baby’s fragile back.

Final Verdict

Swinging is very vital in promoting sensory integration in every child’s early development. Having an indoor or outdoor swing is therefore a necessity when bringing up children.

Moreover, swings are a guaranteed source of enjoyment for every kid. Whether outdoor or indoor swings, they ensure that your baby is comfortable and remain relaxed and you do other things. They sooth different methods that makes the baby feel like he or she is the hands of the mom.