Why is your baby not sleeping yet? Are you looking for a great baby swing to soothe your young one? Well, effectiveness is key here, since a baby swing is one significant investment in terms of square footage. One good swing could just be the perfect way to provide a baby with a safe, comfy place that stimulates the sounds and motions of the womb, and lure them to a relaxed state in no time.

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Does Your Baby Need a Swing? – Last Update June 2019

Undoubtedly, babies prefer and enjoy being held, and will often need a lot of soothing. For fussy babies, a swing can offer an even better place than a carrier can, with a hands-free setting and safe space that lets parents take on other necessary tasks such as folding laundry, making diner, or even taking a shower. Don’t get this wrong, a nice baby carrier is a valuable investment, though each piece of baby gear will serve a separate function.

A good baby swing should comfort and soothe a fussy baby, and keep an alert baby interested in both the tactile and visual features around them such as music, toys, or nature sounds, until they eventually fall to sleep. Surely, there is no comparison or replacement for the parent’s arms, but arms will regularly need a break. Baby swings are recommended for to help soothe the baby from time to time as mum and dad do other things around the house.

Best Baby Swing

If you are planning for a new baby, a baby swing could be low on your priority list. After all, this is one piece of baby gear that requires quite a bit of space in your living area. For those families hoping to keep their living spaces unchanged after the baby, a baby swing might seem too big, keeping in mind that they are not a necessity as diapers are.

Nonetheless, having a swing for your baby is one of the most essential baby gear for the first 6 months of your baby’s life. Besides the mere convenience, they position babies at a seated recline posture, which offers those struggling with gas, reflux, or constipation a comfy place to lounge as they work things out. It’s also a nice cozy place similar to the mother’s womb, which offers a nice transition for infants in the first 3 months of their life.

Baby Swing Comparison

Here are a few good baby swings we have found and a comparison as to the features.  This is by far not the end all or be all of baby swings, but they are definitely ones you should consider when looking at Baby Swings.

Best Bang for the Buck Best of the Best
Simple Sway Baby Swing Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing Mamaroo, Designer Plush
GracoComfort & Harmony4Moms
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  • The Graco Swing’s small frame makes it an ideal fit any room of your home so you can keep your little tyke with you anywhere you are.
  • Plug in feature allows the power to come from the mains, saving big bucks on expensive batteries.
  • Gentle, side-to-side rocking motion to soothe and comfort the pint-sized occupant.
  • 2-speed vibration option that keeps babies relaxed while resting
  • The deep, plush seat features a removable head support that will keep the baby comfy and cozy while in the baby swing.
  • Six original melodies including auto shut off and volume control
  • True speed technology that works to control six speeds as baby grows
  • Deluxe seat including removable support for head
  • Foam toy bar including two plush toy pivots for easy access to the baby
  • Seat pad and head support are both machine washable
  • Two position comfort reclining seat
  • 100 percent removable polyester cover, making clean up a breeze.
  • Five unique settings, including rock a bye, wave, car ride and kangaroo. All of these settings move just like mom and dads move when they are comforting their little one.
  • Bluetooth allows you to control sounds and motions from the convenience of your smartphone or computer.
  • Adjustable seat reclines allowing even the fussiest babies to relax and feels comfortable.
  • Overhead mobile keeps baby entertained. The toys can be reversed.

Graco's Sway Baby Swing, now being offered in Abbington, is proof that good things really do come in small packages. This innovative infant swing comes with a stunning set of special features that will ensure a soothing and comforting experience whenever the child is in the sway. Above all the compact design of the child’s swing means that you can take it anywhere.

The side-to-side motion of the child’s swing will comfort your little tyke with six available speeds that allow you to select the best option for your child’s mood. A mobile is also included that presents your child with three plush toys, there is a 15 song selection as well as a 5-point adjustable harness that will keep the baby safe and secure while in the baby swing.

Battery or Plug-in Options

The baby swing gives you the option to connect to the mains for a power source or switch to the battery powered option, which saves money while still allowing for mobility and increases the value of the object.

Gentle Swaying Motion

This is an adorable baby swing with a compact design; nits gentle rocking motion from side-to-side will soothe and relax your precious little one. It's a comforting and calming way to keep your baby close by while freeing up your hands for other concerns.

Cool Vibe, Sounds and Speeds

This baby swing was designed with the pressing needs of your child in mind. Not only does it have multiple vibration settings for greater relaxation, but it also comes with 6-speed swinging motion, so you can adjust it from ‘Sleepy time’, conducive for nodding off, to ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ a entertaining and comforting motion.

Then it comes with ten well known melodies and 5 distinct nature sounds that your little one is sure to absolutely adore. There are so many features your child will adore.

Cozy Kingdom portable swing by Comfort & Harmony is a wonderful way to surround your baby in the luxurious fabrics and adorable characters of the jungle. This is a portable swing that is designed to fold up easily to make both travel and storage a breeze. The true speed technology works to maintain six consistent speeds as the baby grows older. There is also whisper quiet technology that works to make sure that the baby is not going to be disturbed by any noise while he or she is listening to six different melodies and swinging. Parents can easily control the level of the volume along with the time that the baby is swinging through the swing timer that comes complete with automatic shut off. The comfort recline seat features two positions while surrounding the baby in soft fabrics. The head rest is also removable as the baby grows.

With the Cozy Kingdom portable swing, babies get all of the comfort of a full sized swing in a convenient size that is simple to fold and go.

This is plush comfort in a size that is portable. You can easily pack up the swing and take it with you on the go. The plush fabrics also work together to cradle the baby in true luxury.

Made for travel, this portable swing is easy to fold into a compact size. You can easily pack up this swing for any trip.

Soothing options and six melodies with volume control are just right for keeping parent hands free.

The whisper quiet sound feature keeps the baby happy without disturbing him/her with excessive noises.

The 4moms infant seat sways from side to side and up and down just like parents do when trying to settle and comfort their baby. With the five unique settings and speed, your baby can feel as if he is riding in a car or swinging in a swing. The seat comes with four unique sounds. Additionally, you can connect the seat to your favorite mp3 player to soothe and entertain your child with his favorite sounds. The reclining seats allow your little one to sit up and play or lie back and relax. The mamaRoo comes with Bluetooth, which allows you to control the volume, sound, speed and motion of the seat from the convenience of your smart device or mobile phone.

At 4moms, we understand that moms and dads do not swing like swings do or vibrate like bouncy seats do. That is why we developed an infant seat that creates motions just like a parent. We take comforting your baby seriously. When developing the infant seat, we placed sensor-filled vests on parents just like you to better understand the motions parents use to soothe their babies. Then, we replicated the motions in the mamaRoo infant seat, which resulted in a seat that will soothe and entertain your baby.

What are the weight limits and age?

You can use the infant seat from birth until your baby reaches 25 pounds. When your child can sit up or begins to try to climb out of the seat, it is time to quit using the infant seat.

The mamaRoo infant seat uses the latest technologies to ensure your child is entertained and soothe. If you are looking for something better than an infant swing or vibrating seat, look no further than the 4moms mamaRoo infant seat.

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What to Consider When Purchasing a Baby Swing

1. Effectiveness of Soothing
This is one of the most important features in any baby swing, it’s the reason you are purchasing it in the first place! Since each baby is different, great swings should provide a wide range of customization options for the perfect combination of speed, directional movement, recline, sound, and volume that’s perfect for your baby. Manufacturers design baby swings with different soothing techniques in mind, typically via sound, motion, structure, materials, and accessories such as mobile gadgets.

2. Traditional or Modern
Traditional models tend to have a significantly bigger footprint than the modern ones, weighing at around 20 pounds and with a surface area of about 900 to 1400 square inches. Although some can fold down to smaller sizes for easier moving around and storage, they still take up a lot of space. The full size traditional models are ideal for single floor indoor use.

Modern swings are on the other hand ideal for those parents who don’t want to compromise on style and design. Though these can easily blend with the home’s adult décor, most of them might not be recommendable because of their rather uninspiring soothing performance compared to traditional ones.

3. Electric or Manual
Most of the baby swings currently in the market are mechanical, meaning they are operated by a motor. AC powered swings are more effective, and may come with the ability to run on batteries. Manual swing operates by kinetic energy, and is a good option if you want a more active playtime. However, manual ones are quite ineffective when it comes to soothing the baby.

You should also consider other important features such as safety, quality, ease of use, portability, as well as the extra features. Be sure to read the instructions manual to enhance the experience. That aside, if you want to enjoy having an extra pair of hands to soothe your baby, invest in a good baby swing early enough.