Why is your baby not sleeping yet? Are you looking for a great baby swing to soothe your young one? Well, effectiveness is key here, since a baby swing is one significant investment in terms of square footage. One good swing could just be the perfect way to provide a baby with a safe, comfy place that stimulates the sounds and motions of the womb, and lure them to a relaxed state in no time.

Does Your Baby Need a Swing? – Last Update April 2016

Undoubtedly, babies prefer and enjoy being held, and will often need a lot of soothing. For fussy babies, a swing can offer an even better place than a carrier can, with a hands-free setting and safe space that lets parents take on other necessary tasks such as folding laundry, making diner, or even taking a shower. Don’t get this wrong, a nice baby carrier is a valuable investment, though each piece of baby gear will serve a separate function.

A good baby swing should comfort and soothe a fussy baby, and keep an alert baby interested in both the tactile and visual features around them such as music, toys, or nature sounds, until they eventually fall to sleep. Surely, there is no comparison or replacement for the parent’s arms, but arms will regularly need a break. Baby swings are recommended for to help soothe the baby from time to time as mum and dad do other things around the house.

Best Baby Swing

If you are planning for a new baby, a baby swing could be low on your priority list. After all, this is one piece of baby gear that requires quite a bit of space in your living area. For those families hoping to keep their living spaces unchanged after the baby, a baby swing might seem too big, keeping in mind that they are not a necessity as diapers are.

Nonetheless, having a swing for your baby is one of the most essential baby gear for the first 6 months of your baby’s life. Besides the mere convenience, they position babies at a seated recline posture, which offers those struggling with gas, reflux, or constipation a comfy place to lounge as they work things out. It’s also a nice cozy place similar to the mother’s womb, which offers a nice transition for infants in the first 3 months of their life.

Baby Swing Comparison

Here are a few good baby swings we have found and a comparison as to the features.  This is by far not the end all or be all of baby swings, but they are definitely ones you should consider when looking at Baby Swings.


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What to Consider When Purchasing a Baby Swing

1. Effectiveness of Soothing
This is one of the most important features in any baby swing, it’s the reason you are purchasing it in the first place! Since each baby is different, great swings should provide a wide range of customization options for the perfect combination of speed, directional movement, recline, sound, and volume that’s perfect for your baby. Manufacturers design baby swings with different soothing techniques in mind, typically via sound, motion, structure, materials, and accessories such as mobile gadgets.

2. Traditional or Modern
Traditional models tend to have a significantly bigger footprint than the modern ones, weighing at around 20 pounds and with a surface area of about 900 to 1400 square inches. Although some can fold down to smaller sizes for easier moving around and storage, they still take up a lot of space. The full size traditional models are ideal for single floor indoor use.

Modern swings are on the other hand ideal for those parents who don’t want to compromise on style and design. Though these can easily blend with the home’s adult décor, most of them might not be recommendable because of their rather uninspiring soothing performance compared to traditional ones.

3. Electric or Manual
Most of the baby swings currently in the market are mechanical, meaning they are operated by a motor. AC powered swings are more effective, and may come with the ability to run on batteries. Manual swing operates by kinetic energy, and is a good option if you want a more active playtime. However, manual ones are quite ineffective when it comes to soothing the baby.

You should also consider other important features such as safety, quality, ease of use, portability, as well as the extra features. Be sure to read the instructions manual to enhance the experience. That aside, if you want to enjoy having an extra pair of hands to soothe your baby, invest in a good baby swing early enough.